• Change Notes
    • Allow hero characters with diagonal attacking weapons to properly attack through semi-obstructed areas, such as through doorways and around corners.
    • Fixed a bug where an item could be duplicated in the armory by dropping an item on top of another item in the same character inventory.
  • Known Issues/Bugs
    • Trap UI is “bad” for lack of a better word. Roll movement first, then choose trap avoidance and choose the trap cell. Will review later.
    • The gold in the gold mine in the “Castle of Mystery” quest can not be picked up, but after finding it you can exit the level with a success.
    • There are still various features I want to add to the game
  • Notes
    • Multiplayer play uses network port 12312 for multiplayer play
    • In order to play across the internet, the host should choose multiplayer and “HOST” and if they use a router, port forward port 12312 to their machine
    • The other players should choose multiplayer and “Direct Connect” and type the internet-accessible IP of the host (Host can go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ or similar to get their IP if they don’t know.
  • Controls
    • W, A, S, D (Pan the Camera)
    • Q, E (Zoom Camera In/Out)
    • Z, C (Rotate Camera Left/Right)

Version 1.0.4
Windows x86/64

HeroQuest Revived – Build 1.0.4
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2 thoughts on “HeroQuest Revived – Build 1.0.4

  • November 24, 2021 at 4:14 am


    You mentioned in another post that scanner models is not a problem. Here is a link to custom bosses for Heroquest, Regnar, Grok etc. You may like a few of these to scan into your game?


    Also if you can fix the bug with the equipment inventory while in game, right now playing in 1280×1024 if I go into it I cannot see the button to get out of it. I have to play in a resolution that is wide screen to see it. My monitor is the square type since I play mostly older games and they work best with that resolution.

    I hope you start adding expansions, I would be curious to see how they turn out.


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