Hey everyone. Just a quick update that I’m reinstating the Patreon first release schedule for my projects, namely my HeroQuest Revived project but any other freely released projects as well. I will be tying the pre-release schedule to the Silver Patreon tier, which you can view HERE. My plan is to post an initial post here and on Patreon when new releases are available to users of this tier with a download link. I will follow this up with a scheduled re-post here alone with the download link for public consumption.

I really appreciate my Patreon followers and will be looking for more ways to thank those users as we move forward. The $5 tier is all that is required to get the latest test releases, and those funds will all be returned to the content of this site (equipment for youtube videos, licenses for development software, web hosting, etc).

Thank you all!


Reinstating Patreon First Releases

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