Hello everyone. Before I start, I quickly wanted to thank everyone for their support in this development project. It has been received really well, and I’ve enjoyed talking to everyone who has played and given feedback.

Today I wanted to give a quick update, as I haven’t put out a new release in a while, and I wanted to take a minute to let everyone know that I’m still actively developing updates and fixes to the game. My most recent endeavor in the game required a LOT of updates at once, so it has paused continual releases and builds for a while. I had started down the path of adding a new internet multiplayer server hosted in the cloud. This, alone, would have been a relatively deep rework of the network logic, but it just so happens, that even the single-player mode in the game actually uses the network logic in many ways, so this change is touching a LOT of code. While I was reworking the network logic, I decided to take on another commonly requested feature, which is the request to save “mid-game”. Currently, due to how the multiplayer save-load logic works, it wasn’t possible to do this, mainly due to object tracking for objects which are created throughout the game (wandering monsters, etc), but I’m reworking how these object states are managed so I can add this feature as well.

Again, thank you all for your patience. When I started this project it was entirely for myself, for something to do during COVID while I was stuck at home, and I had never expected the following I got and the support that followed when I decided to put this project out there to share my work. I’ve been racing to add features as I hear them and fix any issues with the game as quickly as I can, but I have to manage a full-time career as well, so my time is at a premium. I’ll try to put more priority into these updates, but know that I appreciate everyone and will do my best to continue to update and release new features as quickly as I can

HeroQuest Revived – 9/17/2022 – Status Update
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