• Change Notes
    • Added furniture throughout the game
    • Added “Fade” to furniture when player selection is obstructed
    • Altered the selection functionality to select the selectable object closest to the camera
    • Altered the demo/test map to include furniture and other adjustments
  • Known Issues/Bugs
    • Enemies can currently share a cell with each other
    • Various features yet to be completed

Version 0.0.18
Windows x86/64

Note: This game was developed and built using the Unity game engine. As this application was built, packaged, and uploaded from a Windows PC, you may need to do the following to run this application in MacOS and possibly Linux:

On MacOS:
change directory to the unzipped binary folder cd <PATH_TO_APP>/HeroQuest.app/Contents/MacOS/
run the following: chmod -R 777 HeroQuest.app

This should mark the file as an executable application file and allow you to play. Hopefully, this note solves any issues.

HeroQuest Revived – Alpha Build 0.0.18
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