Coming in the next few weeks we will be releasing something a little different for us. In order to proceed with our current development, a side project has spun off to develop a CSV to SQL importer tool to upload a great deal of the captured data we have been maintaining and gathering for the FFXIV Toolkit to our centralized database for analysis and processing. We believe our new tool, which is already being used internally for some features, to have a greater feature set than many of the similar tools out there and also to allow for a relatively simple expansion for cross-functionality to other database providers.

We also added and opened our new forums for conversation and feedback on this new tool and our other releases are they are publically available. We may adjust access to some of these items based on user status as things advance, but for now, our focus is on programming and providing the best tools we can in a reasonable timeframe, so adjustments to the website and other features may be few and far between.

Again, thank you to everyone who has pledged their support of our projects through our Patreon site, we really do appreciate it all. We will hopefully have our newest tool available for download for free and to all within the next two weeks. Our initial release will likely include MySQL and probably Microsoft SQL as we use both in our internal development processes, but if there is a desire for other providers, we would welcome the requests and analyze each request in turn.

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